0710649 Individual Assignment

Brands are not just products or services, they are much more than that. Strong brands have
personalities, life stories and symbolic meanings. They have identities that ideally resonate
with the identities of their intended consumers. However, strong brands know when to
change their stories, grow or substitute their markets.

For this assignment you should select a brand that has a history/heritage (for example
brands such as Guinness, Burberry, Levis all have a long history). You need to critically
analyse your chosen brands journey through time, discussing how its stories and consumers
have changed. Crucially, you should not just describe this journey, but should draw on
theories covered in the module and additional reading to deconstruct the development of
the various identities the brand has adopted. Topics such as brands as storytelling,
archetypal myths and semiotics will be important in this analysis. It could also be that
theories of brand revitalization are relevant if the brand has gone through troubled times.
Also, important is the recognition of changing consumer tastes and behaviours and how
different consumers can be targeted with different stories, images and identities.
Therefore your essay should draw on a variety of branding concepts. Please support your
essay by using academic references (through citing academic journal articles or books) and
secondary data (which can be news reports, information contained in webpages, visual
images, social media material etc.).

You should present your essay in three main parts:

Part one should be an introduction and an overview of the relevant literature on brands as
stories and the other concepts you intend to draw upon. It should set the theoretical and
practical scene for your case.

Part two should be the longest part of the essay and should focus in-depth on ONE brands
journey. Please also incorporate relevant theory in this section to strengthen your

Part three should draw the strands together in a brief summary and should also highlight
strategies for marinating resonance and relevance with its existing market(s) as well as
identifying other possible feasible consumers.

The assignment must be submitted by 12pm on April 26th 2021. A penalty of 5 marks (5%) is
applied for every day that the work is late (in 24 hours slots from 10.04.2020 on due date).

Students should adhere to the 2,500 word count. A word count should be included on the
cover sheet. If the word count is exceeded, a penalty may be applied. The word count starts
at the start of the introduction and ends at the end of the conclusion, the bibliography is not

You must download the Cover Sheet and paste it at the front of your assignment.
Make sure you complete the details accurately. Please upload either a Word or PDF
document as your main assignment (including coversheet). Please do not use Google Docs.

The recommended format is Harvard Referencing. Please refer to
for descriptions of reference styles.

If you are having technical problems submitting please see our help page: Submitting Your Assignment.

Module Learning Outcomes:
In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

LO1. Appreciate the role of brands in modern marketing and consumer society

LO2. Develop the skills to describe, apply, evaluate and augment theoretical models in the context of contemporary brand management issues

LO3. Analyse and critically evaluate national, international and cross cultural branding strategies and campaigns

LO4. Apply branding concepts and strategies in a dynamic, global, diverse and fragmented
media landscape and the ever-increasing significance of social media.

LO5. Understand that when a product-commodity becomes a brand, its use value is imbued
with symbolic value that consumers deploy in constructing and maintaining their identities.

Grading Criteria:

 Application of relevant concepts/ findings
Good answers will appropriately apply the brand marketing concepts and research findings
that you will encounter in this module and required/ recommended readings. Students
should draw on module material and show evidence of independent research of a variety of
sources to present a detailed and well supported assignment.

 Strength of arguments and relevance and scope of supporting information
Good answers will be supported by strong arguments and relevant information from
appropriate academic readings. The discussions are expected to be critical and analytical
rather than merely descriptive.

 Presentation and style
The finished manuscript must be paginated, fully referenced, and spell-checked. If you
include images, tables or figures, please ensure that they are in the documents, not included
as appendices. If you do require to show supporting information to back up points made,
you may put this in the appendix, but material intended to be read as part of the essay must
be clearly positioned within the body of the essay.

Feedback to Students:
Written summative feedback will be provided via written comments provided
after the assignments are marked.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. You are
expected to use appropriate references and keep carefully detailed notes of all your
information sources, including any material downloaded from the Internet. It is your
responsibility to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any alleged breaches of the
assessment regulations.

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