0720564 International Business Management Individual Essay

The assignment consists of one 2000-word individual essay. The essay question will ask
students to draw from the material covered by the three lecturers. This will ensure that
students make connection and integrate the themes covered throughout the module.

Essay task:
You are required to select one company from the 2020 Fortune Global 500
(https://fortune.com/global500/2020/search/). Your essay should address the following two

1. Apply Peng’s strategy tripod (resource-based view, institution-based view, industry-based view) to compare and contrast the recent international performance (last three years) of your chosen company in two different geographical regions or countries and analyse the reasons behind any differences in performance.

2. Suggest how your chosen company’s international business activities could be developed over the next five years?

Module Learning Outcomes:
The following learning outcomes will be covered by the assessment:
 Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the strategic and
operational issues associated with managing companies in a dynamic global business
 Critically analyze what determines the success and failure of firms around the globe;
 Identify and appraise the main forms of international entry and growth and when each is likely to be the preferred approach;
 Explain how competition evolves in international business and how MNEs can
maintain and upgrade their competitive strength;
 Critically appraise the future of the global economy and its broad trends

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