1000-Word Essay Proposal    


To detail the contents and structure of the “final essay” you will write later in the semester for assessment 2.

Your proposal will need to show a structure  for your final essay.

Organise ideas as you engage with the wider literature to show how you intend to answer          one of several questions already released in  the mch1023 module handbook.


Essay proposal structure


What debates/theories/research exist in the field regarding the areas mentioned in your chosen question?

What are you doing to look at specifically to answer the question?

Will you focus on certain examples to help frame debate? If so, why?

What will your conclusions be? Hint at this/be brief! This should be clear but not give so much detail as you will elaborate in the actual conclusion paragraph.

Write in draft format quickly and then write-up fully at the end – after you have finished the main discussion and conclusion. This seems ‘backwards’ but will likely be accurate and quicker to write because you know exactly what you have covered.



Main body

Key space to display depth of knowledge and understanding of critical skills.

Breadth of knowledge can also be reinforced here by drawing upon multiple academic references to support/contour claims/arguments/debates.

However, main discussion is the only real space to display depth of knowledge as you have more room to ‘unpack’ ideas/debates.

Some description is necessary – briefly describe and idea/concepts but priorities critical thought/critical application.

How do your contextual examples relate to theories/ideas?

Do they reinforce challenge each other?

Any issues?

This about structure – should some ideas come before others.




No tiny conclusions! No new material/arguments!

Last impression and the space within which to underline key points!

Be reflexive and NOT repetitive.

What have you examined and explored?

What has your discussion suggested, including in relation to the Assessment question you chose!

Can you summarise maybe 3-4 points you have made in answer to the question?

What has been the point? How is your work useful?

Avoid wistful/poetic final thoughts in the conclusion.





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