1000 words report + 500 words reflective

Chosen jewellery link:

2. A written report with visual references outlining a design concept (1000 words) The written report will be based on the analysis of a piece of contemporary jewellery. You will research this piece of jewellery to develop an understanding of a design concept and how you as a design student can use this knowledge to develop design concepts yourself.
One of the functions of jewellery is its meaning. Meaning is not only added to a piece by the maker through materials, colours, the type of jewellery, size, form, symbolism etc. etc. but also by the times, current cultural values, the perception of the wearer and the perception of the viewer.

Object analysis methods will help you uncover the various layers, references and ideas behind this piece of jewellery but there is also room for personal interpretation and speculation.
Your report will be guided by an initial presentation of concepts in jewellery and an introduction to object analysis. The Academic Support team will offer guidance with writing, research, reflection and referencing.

The report must contain at least two references from different sources, one must be a book. You will include an alphabetical bibliography listing all the sources you have used to collect information using Harvard referencing

There are lots of on line guides for Harvard referencing such as; http://www.citethisforme.com/harvard-referencing and https://citethemrightonline.com

3. A piece of reflective writing (500 words)
What have you learnt and what do you need to do to improve and develop?

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