240SAM Supply Chain and Operations Management Coursework 2

Word limit is 2250 words. Details of how the word limit should be allocated are given in
the task section of this assignment brief. A 10% tolerance of the word limit exists on this
assignment (minimum number of words is 2025 and maximum is 2475).

There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark for work exceeding the word
limit by 10% or more. The word limit includes in-citations but excludes the final reference
list and appendices.

You should submit the softcopy (in word file) to the submission link in Moodle.
No work will be marked unless the softcopy is received for originality check by Turnitin.
Cover sheet must be completed and attached to the first page of your submission.
Courework #2 contributes 50% to total Module mark.

Learning Outcomes Assessed
– Apply modern supply chain management principles and practice, including the evolution
of modern operations management theory, to business cases.
– Critically analyse the process of supply chain management decision making.
– Apply and critically analyse appropriate management frameworks which can be used for
the planning and control of materials and services, from the viewpoints of quality,
quantity and cost analysis.
– Appreciate and utilise the range of tools and techniques available to aid efficient and
effective Supply chain managerial decision making.

You are to analyze an organization supply of your choice from a best practice point of view
and compare their supply chain management against a comprehensive Literature Review of
appropriate practice that you individually identify as appropriate to your case study
organization. You should develop a significant individual literature review during the course
of the assignment.

Select ONE supply chain practice, lecturer would show few supply chain practice for choice in class.
Application of literature in the chosen supply chain practice and discuss the case study in
accordance with the research work shown in literature review. Select ONE case company only.
Application of theory is important and secondary research required. No primary data is
allowed to use.
The report format and some important notes are briefed in the 8th class or assignment
briefing session.
Students are expected to use 14 references at least with 4 of them from journals as part of
their critical evaluation in both introduction and main body.
Harvard referencing should be used and all references are to be shown in a “Reference
section” at the end of the report. (14 references at least)

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