3000 word report of your chosen organisation’s international strategy

100% of your final mark takes the form of a written report (3000 words +/- 10% tolerance) focusing on the internationalisation strategy of a company of your choosing (i.e. the case-company).

You are expected to critically analyse and evaluate the case-company’s internationalisation strategy to date. In addition, you are expected to provide suggestions/recommendations regarding the strategic directions the company could pursue for future growth (e.g. diversification, divestments, further international expansion, etc.) and an action plan for the implementation of the recommendations.

The ‘case-company’ must be a real organisation which engages in international transactions and on which you can collect reliable information from various databases, reports available in the public domain (e.g. annual and quarterly reports; business media), or the library catalogues (e.g. FAME; Mintel; Keynote).
Make sure you liaise with your tutors on your case-company selection and listen to their advice, as they want to make sure that the case-company you select is manageable and of sufficient content. Although there are no strict requirements regarding the size of the chosen company, please avoid choosing extremely large companies (e.g. Samsung or Volkswagen) with strategies that are too broad and complex to be meaningfully discussed within the 3000-word limit.
Please select a company in line with your career aspirations. This means that you might select an SME, a family business, a company you had an internship with, or a company you would like to work for. Please be aware that, as customers, we are only familiar with some industries and we have the tendency to just look for jobs in those. Many successful companies are in industries we normally do not consider (for example B2B; public sector organisations; research institutes; consultancy). Post a thread on the discussion board on NOW if you want to discuss your case-company choice in an open forum.
It is generally easier if you choose an organisation located in the geographical area you are originally from (e.g. the East Midlands of England; the Haute-Savoie in France; the Sichuan Province in China; Andalusia in Spain). It may be easier for you to find data and/or to understand the socio-demographic aspects. However, if you wish, you can in fact select a company from anywhere else in the world (e.g. Greenland, Ontario, Uttar Pradesh). Should you not be able to find a suitable organisation, please contact your tutors.

Your report must follow this structure:
• Cover page
Module name, module code, your name, your student number, and the world count.
• Table of content (not included in the words count)
• Introduction (approximately 300 words)
This section should be a brief about your case-company’s field of activity and key information (e.g. year of establishment, rate of growth, latest or last 5-year turnover, number of employees, alliances and partners, home market, other markets in which the company operates etc.)
• Analysis of external environment (approximately 500 words)
This section analyses the company’s macro environment, industry attractiveness, and main competitors (both domestically and internationally).
• Current state of the case-company (approximately 1000 words)
This section critically discusses the case-company’s capabilities, business model, and current international strategy (i.e. choice of external markets, rationale for internationalization, foreign market entry modes, integration-responsiveness (IR) approach, strategic partnerships, alliances, etc.). This section draws on the analysis of the external environment in the previous section and provides a SWOT analysis for the case-company.
• Strategies for the future (approximately 1000 words)
This section provides suggestions and recommendations for future growth or performance improvement. You could suggest (among others) better ways to implement the extant strategy and/or develop alternative strategies. For example, you could discuss more efficient sourcing strategies, entering new markets (including the most appropriate entry mode), potential partnerships and alliances, divestment or diversification, etc. You should also provide indications on how the suggested strategies are to be implemented (i.e. a workable action plan). This section must flow coherently and logically from the previous to sections. Put differently, your suggestions and recommendations must be related to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, as well as external factors discussed in the previous two sections.
• Conclusion (approximately 200 words)
• References (not included in words count)
You will be marked down, if you DO NOT use correctly and consistently the Harvard referencing style throughout the body of the report and in the reference list. Please see the assessment criteria below.
• Appendices (not included in the words count)
Your appendices should be used to signpost offer voluntary data and evidences for further interests. This should not form an integral part of your report. Ideally your appendices should not be more than 300 words.

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