320SSL Continuous Professional Development Reflection on e-portfolio

This assignment consists of 3 tasks:
 Task 1: Link to your e-portfolio
 Task 2: Professional Development Reflection
 Task 3: Career Plan

Task 1
Paste the link to your e-portfolio below
e-portfolio checklist
Make sure your e-portfolio contains activities equivalent to a minimum of 75 CPD points.
In the table below, confirmation of your Talent Connect registration with your preference set.
You may add rows to the table, and you can complete as many additional activities as you
like, as long as you have at least 75 points. You do not have to list everything from your
portfolio in this table, but it should demonstrate that you have achieved the minimum
of 75 CPD points.
CPD activity   CPD points
Talent Connect registration & preferences set   5

Task 2: Professional Development Reflection
This task requires you to think about the CPD activities you did. Here are some tips for
writing your reflection:
• Which of the four Pathways did you follow: Employment; Entrepreneurship; Further
Study; Not sure?
• Say what the activity involved – is it an area where you lack confidence or experience?
• Identify what you learned from the activity – was it useful or interesting?
• Consider how the activity will benefit you in the future e.g. passing selection tests or
generating new clients
• What have you learned about your strengths, weaknesses or development needs along
the way?
(Approximately 800-1000 words on overall reflection)


Task 3
Use this section to outline your career aspirations and the plans you will put in place
to help you achieve your goals. This will help focus you going forward.
Things to include in this section:
 What sector do you hope to work in e.g. Banking, Automotive, Fashion…?
 What job role interests you e.g. Accountancy, HR, Project Management?
 Do you want to run your own business? Tell us about your ideas…
 Do you plan to do a placement or internship during your degree?
 How will you get good-quality work experience to improve your CV?
 If you really have no idea what you want to do in the future, how will you learn about the
careers options available to you?
(Approximately 250-400 words)


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