351LON CW1 Assessment

Assignment title: International Marketing Strategy – an Analysis of Unilever
Assignment Weight: 50% of your overall module mark.
Assessment type: Individual Report (2,000-2,500 words)
Assessment deadline: See Aula Submission Link

Assignment Briefing:
You are required to draw up an International Marketing Analysis for a case study brand
(please see the brand name below), and critically evaluate the main marketing activities of
the brand when offering one of their products in a local market and an international market.
More specifically, you are required to select only one of the company’s products for the
purpose of this assignment, and conduct a thorough analysis. The analysis will include
comparisons between the Marketing activities of the case study brand in the UK and those in
a country of your choice. You will need to adopt a ‘compare and contrast’ approach, to
critically evaluate similarities and differences of the Marketing activities of case study brand
when offering the product in the UK versus the country of your choice. The UK will be
considered as the ‘local market’ (regardless of the country of origin of the brand) and the
country of your choice will be considered as the ‘international market’.
In order to present a well-constructed report, you will need to carry out a thorough evaluation
of the brand’s International Marketing activities and that of their key competitors. You will
also need to investigate the latest trends and developments within the particular sector.
The key to success in this assignment is the critical evaluation of the International
Marketing activities related to your chosen product, and this can be achieved with the use of
theoretical concepts and models along with plenty of examples related to your case study
brand. All arguments made should be evidenced and well-justified.

Indicative Structure:
 Non-anonymous Cover Sheet (available on Aula)
 Title page with student details and coursework details
 Executive summary. No more than one page.
 Table of contents
 Introduction (a brief synopsis of the report and the case study brand).
 Environmental Analysis in the two countries (Macro Analysis)
o Critical evaluation of key factors influencing the sector and/or the case study brand.
(PESTEL model is optional – to be provided in an appendix)
 Industry Analysis in the two countries (Micro Analysis)
o Critical evaluation of key industry factors influencing the case study brand/product.
(Porter’s 5 Forces model is optional – to be provided in an appendix). Focus should
be given on competitor analysis and buyer behaviour.
 Marketing Strategy Analysis: STP
o Critically evaluation of where the brand stands in both markets (SWOT Analysis is
optional). Focus on brand resources and capabilities and brand reputation.
o Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning to be provided separately with clarity and
detailed justification in the main body of the report.
 Marketing Strategy Analysis: Promotional Activities
o Critical evaluation of the main activities of the brand when promoting the product of
your choice in the local market and the international market (7Ps/Marketing Mix is
optional – to be provided in an appendix). Focus should be given on customer
acquisition and retention activities.
 Conclusion and Recommendations
 List of references in APA Format
 Appendices (optional)
Please note that in the main body of your report you should focus on critically analysing the
key (only) aspects of the factors influencing the International Marketing Strategy of the case
study brand, instead of providing an exhaustive list of information regarding those factors.
Criticality, rather than a lengthy description, is required in this assignment.
Please also note that submitted work must be all your own work and should not have been
copied in part or in whole from any other source unless correctly quoted using the APA
referencing style. Please see your course handbook or the Library website for more
information on referencing and University regulations on plagiarism.
Assignment Requirements:
 Word count: 2,000-2,500 words strictly.
 Sections not included in the word count: title page, executive summary, table of contents,
reference list and appendices.
 Submission on Aula via Turnitin.
 Extensive secondary research is required to develop your assignment.
 Primary research would be welcome, but not required in this assignment – Ethics
approval will be required prior to primary data collection (Ethics form available on Aula).
 Analysis must be supported with evidence (citations, quotations and referencing).
 Illustrations, graphs, charts, figures, pictures, tables and sketches are properly part of the
report and may be placed throughout the text, or included in an appendix, and
referenced. These are not included in the word count. NB: tables created to facilitate the
presentation of models, when placed within the main body of the report (e.g. PESTEL
table, SWOT etc.), will be included in the word count.
 Attention! Text saved within images will NOT be marked by your tutor as part of the
major criteria for the assignment and will be considered as appendix content only.
 All sources of information must be cited throughout the report – In-text citation should be
in APA Style of Referencing (Referencing Guide is available on Aula).
 A full reference list in the APA format is required.
 Application of knowledge gained throughout this module should be emphasised.
Your work should be word processed (e.g. in Microsoft Word document) in accordance with
the following:
 Font style Times New Roman, font size 12
 1.5 line spacing
 The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
 Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
 Pages should be numbered

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