490 Discussions

490 Discussions

APA Style, References and Free Plagiarism.

Discussion Board week 1

· Find a recent (within 5 years) article online that addresses the question, “Why do nurses struggle to implement evidence-based practice?”

· After reading the article, reflect on your experiences with evidence-based care. What barriers have you seen prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based practices? What strategies have been effective in removing those barriers?

· Post a link to the article or a pdf of the article with your response.

Discussion Board week 2

Complete your Week 2 discussion prompt.

· This week’s textbook reading presented various nursing theories. Which nursing theorist do you most closely identify with and why? How has this individual impacted your personal nursing philosophy?

Discussion Board week 3

· This week’s textbook reading presented ethics and legal issues in nursing. What ethical dilemma, encountered in your nursing experience, has affected you most? What have you learned from the situation?

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