5 Trending Academic Research Topics To Write About

In case you are looking for research topics that are exciting trendy and to write about here are some of such trendy academic research topics that you can write about. The hardest aspect of academic writing especially when writing thesis is finding a research topic to write about.


  1. Waste Disposal

With rising population growth and urbanization, there is a huge concern regarding waste disposable. There are concerns regarding the global warming and how improperly disposable waste is contributing to the global warming phenomenon as el as how poor disposal of solid waste is affecting the ozone layer. Most recently electronic waste is in tons, there is huge concern on how to dispose electronic waste effectively. therefore you can write an interesting dissertation topic concerning electronic waste and its effect on globalisation.


  1. Cancer Drug Studies

Cancer studies or oncology is gaining a lot of attention due to increasing number of people affected by cancer. There are various types of cancer and hence the oncological studies provide a huge fodder for academic researchers. Within the pharmacological environment, cancer drug studies were viewed as just one type of topic that can go in many ways. Various researchers can study the role and impact of various drugs on cancer cells. Some topics can explore treatments and therapies available. Any academic topic related to oncology drugs and there effect on patients can be very interesting and likely to gain acceptance to tutors.


  1. Democracy

Democracy is another trending academic interest. Many nations and individuals are seeking to have an enhanced understanding of how democracy works. This is because democracy is viewed as an ideal that is crucial to world peace and integration since the end of World War II in 1945.  In fact, the US is mainly behind influencing other countries in the world to adopt democracy. You could work on a paper interrogating the role the US has played in other nations and how it has imposed democracy in other nations.


  1. Energy Sources

Energy has become a core component of modern economies. Modern economies cannot survive without energy and research on energy is on high demand. Businesses and economies, countries have come to a realization that the current energy sources especially fossil bases fuel sources that are no renewable are unstainable and will eventually get depleted putting humans in a limbo. Topics on alternative sources are in high demand. they are also exciting because they explore new alternatives such as wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear and hydro electric energy.  Topics related on alternative energy can explore the history of alternative energy sources and they can also explore the merits and the demerits of the alternative energy sources.  The topics can also focus on the whether the alternative energy source is sufficient to meet the global demand for energy. The topic can also explore the costs and benefits of each energy source compared to the non-renewable energy sources. You can also take case studies of different countries and explore how they have adopted and implemented the alternative energy sources.


5. Religion and Globalization

Religion has a controversial aspect. It can always be an interesting topic especially discussion on viewpoints on humanism and ethical viewpoints propagated by religion. This is in consideration of issues such as terrorism and other extremism propagated by some religious fundamentalists.  Technology has also affected the way religion is propagated, from televangelists to live stream of pilgrimage in Mecca.


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