6HURM005W Cultural Differences and People Management Assessment 1: An individual essay of 1.000 words

Assessment 1 An individual essay of 1.000 words (25% of module mark) (+- 10% excluding reference and bibliography list at end)

The required format for the presentation of your work is as follows: Front sheet to show: Assignment title, Module code/title, Seminar leader’s name, Due Date. Material requirements/layout: essay format, reference list included.

Choose ONE of the following:

Question 1
Outline the different aspects – psychological and practical – involved in cultural adaptation. What factors might affect how an individual
responds to these potential challenges of cultural adaptation?

Question 2
Maude (2016: 95) writes: ‘During cross-cultural encounters people’s words and behaviour are guided by their culturally-derived norms of communicative behaviour’. What do you understand by this statement? And, giving specific cultural examples, explore how some of
these expectations and norms play out in organisational life.
Question 3
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks of ‘the dangers of a single story’ when approaching national cultures. Investigate one example of
how a ‘single story’ is currently being challenged in a national culture to include more diverse voices. What influences are affecting this
culture change and what are some of the obstacles faced?

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