ACCT3311 Big Data Analytics SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT Individual Written Project 2

This document details instructions to support the development and preparation of a
big data project and the associated research paper that represents a substantial
proportion of your coursework marks. This document also outlines this term’s
optional topic. Alternatively, you are permitted to undertake a suitable research
project that makes use of the supervised and/or unsupervised learning techniques
covered in the module. In addition, the details of requirements for the research
paper including the main objective, the format of the research paper and a marking
scheme, and submission requirements with deadlines are also given.
This big data project provides the opportunity to do in-depth research on an aspect
of the risk management of financial institutions. This year’s optional big data topic is
shown below for your guidance.
 Credit Scorecard Development using a German Dataset. This is an
applied project where you develop a credit scoring models using the German
dataset. Your credit-scoring model should be developed using your
classification algorithm (e.g. ANN, SVM etc). Bonus: You should also
develop this model with and without use of dimensionality reduction.
German Credit Scoring Dataset

Research Paper Format
Papers should be formatted using the template provided; however, the following
should serve as a generic format for your ease of reference. The marking scheme is
also linked to the format. Please note that the range for the word limit is 1,000 to
1,500 words written in Standard English.

A short abstract that briefly summarizes the paper. 5%

A concise introduction that says what the paper covers, what literature is used to support it, how it is
conducted, what was found, how it was analyzed and the conclusions drawn from the research.15%

A well referenced, focused discussion of the literature that supports your research topic. This review should clearly build-up the case for the main theme of your study. 20%

Outline the process you will use to conduct the research. This should include an description of
the data and how the data was analyzed. 20%


A clear description of what you found from the research process, and an analysis of the findings. 20%

A recap of what was done, why it was done and what was found. 15%

A listing of all references in the body of the research
paper. Your references must include academic journal articles. 5%

Overall word limit: 1,500 words

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