Assignment 2: A B2B Marketing Plan for IKEA

IKEA has recently eyed the B2B market as an area with potential growth opportunities. Specifically, they have identified a range of small business industries with potential for growth in sales of a range of their products.
You have been recently recruited as an executive at IKEA tasked with developing B2B Marketing within the company.
As part of your brief, you are required to visit the IKEA store in Greenwich to examine the range of products they offer for specific small business types. From this, you will select a specific business
area for which you will develop a B2B Marketing plan.
Your Task Focusing on the UK market only, your outline brief for this task is as follows:

There are 2 key parts to this assessment as follows:
1. Formative Feedback (10%)
 You must prepare for a provisional meeting with your manager (seminar tutor) to debrief him/her/the of your progress with your IKEA B2B Marketing Plan. (outlined in #2
 Your de-brief will last no more than 10 minutes and within this time you will have the opportunity to seek further guidance at this meeting (Formative feedback).

 For this meeting, your manager will expect a clear structure and summarised content on 1 printed A4 page 1
. You may also present other information if you have time so long as it is in hard copy.

 If you have your Marketing Plan at an advanced draft stage, we are happy to have a cursory look at it to check for general content, structure and possible glaring areas for
improvement within the allocated time. However, please note

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