Assignment 2 – Individual Business Project Portfolio (6000 words)

Assignment Task:
You are required to submit a portfolio of evidence, focusing on an individual future strategy
that will develop your existing business. This could be in the form of a development
strategy, extension strategy or diversification strategy. After the development of your
future strategy you must then reflect on your overall experience with support of the
development of key skills throughout the unit. Throughout the project you should keep a
record of your activities, for example all meetings minutes, project plans, activities etc. with
particular attention to areas where you perceive development of key skills or an activity that
you consider may improve your employability. You may also find it useful to keep a diary of
your activities e.g. how you felt about things, what you did to overcome difficulties etc. The
assignment should culminating in a 4000 word with visual aids (or 6000 words equivalent)
You are also required to present a group outcome for the end of year Virtual Degree show.
Instructions to Students:

There are three parts to this assignment.

Part 1 (40% of the unit mark)- (Approx 2500 words). 

The first part is a future strategy section. You may choose any aspect of the business to develop and you should focus on your strengths here. The future strategy section is an opportunity for you to develop a professional body of work for future careers prospects. This individual project will allow you
to immerse yourself into a topic area of your own choice, however, will need to relate to the
business strategic vision. This section will present a rationale justifying future strategy, a
strategy implementation process, evidence of research and development of strategy
outcomes, and justifications of final strategy outcomes. This section will be supported by
relevant theories and by relevant academic and industry readings on the chosen future
strategy directions and outcomes. The development and implementation of the future
strategy outcomes will also be supported by a range of visual outputs. Those visual outputs
will take different shapes and forms depending on your strategy outcomes (e.g. marketing
communications; product; branding; management etc.).

Part 2 (30% of the unit mark) – (Approx 1500 words)

The second part should be a reflection of the transferable skills you have developed throughout the business project including supporting evidence. This part of the assessment must detail the skills you had before the start of the project and how you have developed them over the course of the year.

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