Assignment Details: Individual Coursework 3000 words

Assignment details Individual Coursework: TASK
You are required to carry out a study of a company, of your choice. Applying the relevant tools and concepts covered in the module, to identify, and evaluate marketing strategy problem(s) that confront the company. Make appropriate recommendations. You are required to write an individual report of 3000 words.

Written Report
The format of the report, which should be word-processed, no more than 3000 words, excluding appendices, double or 1.5 spaced 10 point min, should be roughly as follows:

Title page

Module name and code, and the name of your seminar leader (who will mark your report).

Executive Summary 

This should be no more than ONE A4 page yet it should be a summary of the entire document. It is NOT an introduction. Phrases such as “This report will explain . . .” belong in
an introduction – not in an executive summary. This is the single most important part of the report, and will be marked accordingly

Table of Contents. Pages, and paragraphs, should be numbered.

The report of the analysis stage, in whatever form you deem appropriate.
Remember that the purpose of the assignment is to develop your familiarity with the various marketing tools, techniques and concepts.
You should use the report as an opportunity to demonstrate this familiarity, so include discussion of, for example, product portfolio analysis, growth vector matrices, product life cycles, experience
curves, etc. – where relevant. The person marking your report will be looking for this evidence to award you marks.

Appendices. If you feel your report is getting too long put the lessessential detail in an appendix. Remember: it should not be necessary to read the appendix to understand the report.
Use graphs and diagrams wherever these may be helpful. They are usually far better than pages of numbers, but the numbers should be available for reference in an appendix. Remember to use your spelling checker – spelling mistakes, typos and bad grammar all give a bad impression of you to your reader, whether this is your boss or the person marking your report.


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