Assignment question: Critically discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected contemporary consumer culture

Assignment question:
Critically discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected contemporary consumer culture and consumer behaviour in one of the following fields and how branding or strategic communication to consumers should respond accordingly.

1. Digital marketing
2. Tourism
3. Retail
4. Consumer ethics

In this essay, please focus on one consumer behavior or consumer culture manifestation and discuss how it is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, discuss how branding and strategic communication to consumers should be updated accordingly. Contextualize your discussions in the field you choose (one of the four mentioned above).

The topics of behaviors or cultural manifestations could be, but are not limited to, resource sharing, emotional reaction such as anxiety, DIY, hoarding, social distancing, online shopping, dynamics of social groups, interpersonal trust, information seeking, and so on. Please use theories, frameworks, analytic tools, and/or concepts introduced in the module materials to support your argument. Please make sure that you draw on academic literature beyond the module materials while justifying your rationale, which reflects your independent study. You should also draw on real-life examples.

You may want to consider the following guidance to help structure your essay.

1. Introduction: Begin with a brief introduction outlining the structure of the essay. Clearly indicate the field of your choice and the behaviour or cultural manifestation that you are going to discuss and provide justifications (500 words). Please note that you will choose only one consumer behaviour and one field (e.g., DIY and Retail, or hoarding and consumer ethics).
2. Main body part 1: Briefly review scholarly perspectives and academic discussions on the subject and contextualize your discussion in the field you choose (1000 words).

3. Main body part 2: Critically discuss how the relationship between the subject and the field has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, draw on evidence and examples to support your argument. Suggest solutions, development, opportunities, and/or risks for developing strategies of branding or communication in such circumstances (1000 words).

4. Conclusion: Conclude with a summary of key points and perhaps indicate future directions for scholarly endeavours (500 words).

5. References, appendices, diagrams, charts, or tables.

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