Assignment Title: Evaluating International Markets 2500 words

Assessment Learning Outcomes
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a sound appreciation of current strategic management concepts.
2. Communicate an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the environment and its applications on decision-making process.
3. Integrate and apply strategic approaches to practical situations in various types of organisations.
4. Assess current developments in the organisational environment and alternative responses related to strategy.
5. Resolve management problems in the area of strategic management by evaluating alternative outcomes.
6. Demonstrate the ability to individually construct and present quantitative and qualitative data and also effectively do same within a team by the application of IT skills and methodological techniques towards contributing to a common set of objectives.


Your investor from your Team Briefing has approved your selection of the international market to invest money in.
You have to prepare the following in your 2,500 words Management Brief:
– Justification on the choice of the international market to enter.
– Strategy which will be adapted to enter the international market.
– Explanation has to be given to: HR, globalised culture and
sustainable development.
– Relevant theoretical framework to be used to support the above
Please make sure you include a 250 words Executive Summary that does not count towards your word limit.

You have been asked to produce a report. It should contain the following:
 Appropriate coversheet (as attached in this document – please
ensure appropriate coversheet is attached to your assessment brief)
 Title Page, including the given title in full.
 Contents Page
 Introduction
 Main body, which should also be organised under appropriate
 Conclusion
 Appendices, which should be numbered.
o Make sure you refer your reader to them as required.

Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:
 Font style, Arial, font size 12
 1.5 line spacing.
 The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
 Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
 Pages should be numbered
 Your name [should/should not – delete as required] appear on the
 Your student number should be included on every page.

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