BE425 Research Methods in Management and Marketing Assignment 1: Research Proposal

The first assignment in this module is a 1000-word Research Proposal. (The
Reference List does not count towards the word limit).
Developing a research proposal should be a familiar task; you have already developed one in the second year module BE425 Research Methods in Management and Marketing, a pre-requisite for taking this module. First, then, think back to that assignment and perhaps
review your notes from BE425.
A research proposal describes what you will examine, why it is important for you to
study the issue and how you will be doing your analysis. The proposal has one single purpose, to persuade the reader. If it helps, you can think of the research proposal as a pitch; you
are persuading the audience of the what, why of your project.
The reader needs to be persuaded in four areas: relevance, context, approach and feasibility. Be sure to address all these four areas sufficiently in your research proposal:

Relevance – Show the reader what in your project is interesting, original and important and why the project is worthwhile. (You should do this in the Introduction, see Table 1 below.)
Context – Show that you are familiar with the topic area and current key research in that area. (Your Proposal as a whole should accomplish this but be sure to discuss context both in the Introduction and the Overview sections.)
Approach – Explain how your methodology, how you will be analysing your empirical
materials or data, help you examine the issue and answer the research question. (You should do this in the Methodology section, see Table 1 below.)
Feasibility – Show that the project is possible within the time and resources you have available. (Your Proposal as a whole should accomplish this. You can add a timeline or a Gantt chart as an appendix to your research proposal to further clarify or visualise the feasibility of the project.)

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