BE439-6-AU-CO BUSINESS ETHICS Assignment 1: Individual Essay

BUSINESS ETHICS Assignment 1: Individual Essay

In BE439 this year we have explored the various ways that ethical decisions are experienced,
mediated, and managed in contemporary organisations. A variety of different policies and
procedures are employed within organisations to attempt to manage ethical behaviour; these
processes can not only place demands on us as employees and managers, but also as consumers and
citizens, and as members of our families. As Critchley (2007) has shown, such ethical demands not
only influence our motivations and actions, but can help to shape our very sense of moral selfhood.
For this assignment, which constitutes 25% of your module mark, you will write a 1,000-word
essay exploring some ethical dilemmas which have been unfolding within organisations during the
COVID-19 crisis.
For this essay you are required to refer to concrete, real-life examples reported in the media or in
publicly available company documents or government reports to develop your argument. You are
also required to make some reference in your essay to Critchley’s (2007) framework for
understanding the nature of individual ethical experience.
The coursework should fulfil the following formal criteria:
• It should include Harvard style in-text citations for all cited works, and a list of references at
the end;
• It should be spellchecked and grammar-checked;
• The 1,000 word limit (+/- 10%) applies to the body of the text (including in-text citations),
but not to the reference list at the end.
Your essay must be submitted to FASER by AT 10AM on the day it is due.
1) An analytical/argumentative essay is a text based on reliable sources (academic and quality news
sources, and other reliable online sources). It should pursue a line of argument with clear reasoning,
based on supporting evidence and examples that support the thesis and any particular claims made
in the essay.
2) Include a thesis statement in your introduction, as well as a “road map” for the essay indicating
what exactly you will be arguing, and in what order, throughout the body of the essay.
3) Have a clear focus on one or two key issues or cases, and engage with it/them in detail. You
cannot cover everything in such a short essay, however interesting the ideas might be. Part of the
task in this assignment is to focus on something specific and to discuss it in some detail.
4) Do not explicitly rely on textbooks or popular business books or websites for this assignment.
Use textbook(s) only as a guide to key issues and concepts. You may also use academic articles for
theoretical framing, but you will need to use recent articles in newspapers, magazines and other
online sources in order to find recent examples of ethical issues facing organisations during the
COVID-19 pandemic.


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