Behavioural finance assignment

Present and critically evaluate the behavioural explanations of excess trading by stock market
(Assignments should be typed, using 1.5 spacing and an easy-to-read 12-point font. Assignments
and dissertations/business projects must not exceed the word count indicated in the module
handbook/assessment brief.
The word count should:
 Include all the text, including title, preface, introduction, in-text citations, quotations,
footnotes and any other items not specifically excluded below.
 Exclude diagrams, tables (including tables/lists of contents and figures), equations, executive
summary/abstract, acknowledgements, declaration, bibliography/list of references and
appendices. However, it is not appropriate to use diagrams or tables merely as a way of
circumventing the word limit. If a student uses a table or figure as a means of presenting
his/her own words, then this is included in the word count.
Performance in the assessment for this module is judged against the following criteria:
 Relevance to question(s)
 Organisation, structure and presentation
 Depth of understanding
 Analysis and discussion
 Use of sources and referencing
 Overall conclusion

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