BMM601 Marketing Management Coursework Assignment: MARKETING PLAN for Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA)

Overview of initial Client Brief – UPDATED

• Develop a marketing plan that will help npa24:7 achieve one of its main objectives of
acquiring 10,000 new Home Emergency Expert (retail) customers by 2021.
• The product offered under the Home Emergency Expert brand may evolve to meet or
improve upon customer offers, but it must be targeted at specific and identifiable segments
of the market to optimise marketing spend (2/3 viable customer segments)
• npa24:7 have a unique relationship with house builders and their customers due to their
role in delivering emergency repairs during the two-year warranty provided with a new
home. By Q1 2021, customers will be able to manage their policies, report and track claims
by call, online, through webchat, by SMS and e-mail and switch between these channels.
• Conduct an STP analysis for npa24:7 i.e. emerging/new market trends, targeting decisions,
positioning strategy including perceptual mapping.
• Suggest relevant marketing mix decisions for npa24:7. You are expected to review the
entire mix (7 Ps) however, feel free to develop some elements of the mix in more depth in
order to achieve the above company objective.

Task Details/Description: “Marketing planning involves choosing
marketing strategies that will help the company achieve its overall strategic
objectives” (Armstrong and Kotler, 2013: 83).
You are tasked to develop a robust marketing plan in order to support the organisation’s
new strategic objectives based on your understanding of marketing management and
strategic marketing planning.
Your marketing plan will be submitted to your client company as a 10 minute voicerecorded presentation.
Your plan will include the following content and sections with all sources consulted:
1. Title page – company name and plan title
2. Company brief – refer to consultancy brief
3. PESTLE analysis of the external environment within which the company operates
(table format)
4. SWOT analysis of key internal and external factors only (table format)
5. Competitor analysis (table format) – refer to consultancy brief
6. Segmentation, targeting and positioning decisions – 2/3 viable and measurable
population segments (customer market solely)
7. Marketing objectives (bulleted section) – refer to consultancy brief
8. Marketing mix decisions – review the 7Ps
9. Plan evaluation including recommendations (the latter section bulleted)
10. List of References
You are advised to refer back to your company brief and carry out desk research from a
number of sources, including the Internet, as well as include, whenever possible, up to
date figures and relevant examples to support your findings and critical analysis further.
Referencing of sources must appear in line with the Harvard referencing system
Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. To gain a comprehensive understanding of key theories, concepts and frameworks in
marketing management
2. To design and execute strategic marketing plans
3. To critically evaluate marketing decisions
4. To derive knowledge from international and contemporary marketing case studies
Presentation Requirements:
Word Count: 3000 words or equivalent overall, which includes additional annotations in
a separate MS Word document to the PowerPoint presentation.
Number of slides: 15 slides maximum excluding title page, company brief and references.
Length of time of the presentation: 10 minutes maximum duration.
Font Size: Arial font and presentation must be consistent throughout the presentation; all
content, including diagrammes, must be clearly readable.
A copy of the slides must be submitted for assessment via Turnitin and similarity rate
kept to a minimum (ideally under 20%).

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