Book Review: Being Mortal

Minimum 3-page double-spaced paper, based on your reading of the book Being Mortal.  This is not a book report. Rather, I would like you to share your personal thoughts regarding this book adding some research components on aging and end-of-life issues.   Your paper should also reflect thoughtful consideration of your perceptions of aging/end of life issues before reading this book in contrast to how finishing the book might have reinforced your previous thoughts or caused you to change your outlook on aging, medical treatments, and end of life issues.

Look for a minimum of two professional references (from 2010 or later) to help support your positions.  A professional reference is from a reputable gerontological or long term care journal or a chapter in a book written by a credentialed author for professionals (not the book itself).  Use APA style to cite your references.  It is a pass/fail assignment, passing grade: well crafted, thoughtful, grammatically correct, and correctly cited. The goals of this assignment are:

  • To think about your own views on how you might prefer to age and what end of life considerations might be important to you.
  • To practice good writing skills.
  • To practice finding professional articles and citing correctly.

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