BREI09 – 2020/2021 coursework Assignment

Your assignment is to analyse the primary Threats and Opportunities for value in Real Estate.

Your analysis needs to focus on contrasting two sectors of real estate (you can choose from Education,
Healthcare, Commercial or Residential) and on discussion the impact of two Grand Challenges (you
can choose from Climate Emergency, Changing Demographics, Changing Technology or Changing
Expectations and Requirements). You can choose to focus your work on a single geographical location
(multinational region/country/city) .

In order to complete the assignment, you should:

 Conduct a literature review on ‘Value’ and similar (see the reading list for a starting point).

 Research on what is considered valuable for the real estate in your 2x selected RE sectors and geography (refer to guest lectures for ideas).

 Further research how your 2x Grand Challenges are seen (by credible sources) to affect future
values that relate to the RE sectors you have focussed on.

 Structure the essay with a clear introduction that will provide focus and limitations, set out the
sections of the essay with a clear flow, provide crisp, clear conclusions and recommendations for
scholars, practitioners and policy-makers.

Submission details:
The word limit for this assignment is 2,500 words.

Please submit one copy of your assignment to the Turnitin drop box by 12pm on Thursday 15th April

The first page of your assignment should be a copy of the assignment cover sheet with the declaration of originality page to follow afterwards.

Please enter the module code and module title onto the cover sheet.

Please DO NOT put your name or student number/candidate number on the assignment cover sheet/declaration page or anywhere on the electronic copy of your assignment. Please do not sign the declaration page.

Your attention is drawn to the UCL guidance on referencing, citations and plagiarism. Please
familiarise yourself with this guidance before submitting your work.

Please see Section 13.2 of the MSc Programme Handbook for details of penalties which apply when
students submit work late. An electronic copy of the MSc Programme Handbook is available on your
programme homepage on Moodle.

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