BU51008 Assessment 1A, 1B, 1C

Student support / teaching / assurances of learning
Student support and preparation to help engage with the assessment will be given throughout
the module during lecture and in seminar time. At the very start of this module, students will
be introduced to the business game simulation and the relevance of the lecture material to be
considered within the game.
The business game simulation assessment places students in teams of 5 senior organisational
positions to run a bicycle manufacturing company for a period of 4 years where their
operations management knowledge is put into practice by collaborating to make decisions
required on a quarterly basis.

The business game assessment will consist of the following groupwork courseworks 1A, 1B
and 1C:

Assessment 1A: (10%)
Yearly Board Papers
The CEO will submit a short report for each year of the game simulation highlighting the
performance of the firm drawing on operations management principles and employing a range
of operations management tools to support the analysis of the firm’s actions, performances
and implementation of strategy. A total of 4 yearly reports will be submitted in one document
and should include (and not be limited to):
 Statement of an operations management assessment of performance against
 An explanation of positive or negative variances against expectations
 A discussion on future actions
 An appreciation of the changes/ uncertainties/ dynamics in the environment and the
effects of competitive activities

 A discussion on the style and nature of operations management (perspective, decision
making and implementation) and how the group’s views on these developed.


Assessment 1B: (10%)
Group presentation
The format is to be an online presentation of 15 minutes that can be delivered by an audio
presentation accompanying a slide pack or a filmed presentation with presenter and slides
visible hosted digitally, via Yuja. The presentation should cover the operations management
decisions made during the entire run of the business game simulation and how the firm
evolved. All members should be involved in the presentation itself or via a supporting
document that highlights the roles and contributions made by each member.

Assessment 1C: (30%) Final Report
A report of 2,000 words (excluding appendices and references) evaluating the decision making during the business simulation game. The report should focus on the strategies and
plans developed to expand the business and decisions made in response to the changing
business activity and environment.
Includes 10% overall grade for participation within business game simulation – holistically
marked by reviewing student access in Simventure and an Appendix detailing meetings and
participation such as meeting times, agendas and action trackers.


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