Role of Technology

Reflection 06 – Standardization And Innovation / Risk

Topic: Reflection 06 – Standardization and Innovation / Risk Chapter(s): 16, 17, 18 Format: Written (Tables, charts, written paragraphs, info-graphics as noted) Reflections: Standardization Standardization has been a guiding principle for IT, however, in today’s Enterprise environment that approach to IT may stifle profitable revenue growth and competitiveness. 1) What are the issues (pro and con) between Standardization and …

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Human Resources Management

Week 2 Paper – The Role of Technology in eRecruitment and eSelection TOPIC: As you are aware, two of the human resources areas affected the most by technology is eRecruitment and eSelection. In this paper, you will address the following: Describe the factors and key elements found in an eRecruitment/eSelection program. What are the positives and …

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Case Study: WalMart Vs Amazon

This unit addresses the role of the technology professional in an organization and how information technology (IT) systems influence organizational strategies. This case study analyzes two retailers’ business models and strategies. Then, it looks at the role that technology and IT personnel play in the assigned business case, and, finally, makes the connection between how …

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