Audio Visual Presentation

This assignment will assess your ability to apply the concepts of chapter 10  to conduct simple and multiple regression analyses to create a prediction model for home prices based on 4 independent variables.  You will calculate various descriptive statistics, create summary tables, create various charts and develop 5 regression prediction models.  Finally, you will create …

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Statistics Writing Assignment

Problem description: You oversee a manufacturing facility that produces an automotive part (steel shaft for the gearbox). The acceptable dimension of the shaft is  2.5±0.05 inches in diameter with the most desirable product having a diameter of exactly 2.5 inches. Two vendors are trying to sell your company, Automotive Parts Corporation, their machines for the shaft-machining …

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Application Of Statistics In Health Care

Application of Statistics in Health Care Statistical application and the interpretation of data is important in health care. Review the statistical concepts covered in this topic. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss the significance of statistical application in health care. Include the following: Describe the application of statistics in health care. Specifically discuss its significance …

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