Computer Programming

Assignment 2 tests your knowledge of Selection (Chapter 4) and Repetition (Chapter 5).

Write a program YourName-Assignment2 (replace YourName with your actual name, no spaces) that reads/inputs from a file1 students’ records (one student per line) with the following format: Last Name Tests Grade Assignments Grade and computes and outputs (to the console) the STUDENT STATISTICS in a table format one line per student: Student Name Total Points2 Numeric Grade3 Letter Grade4 The table should have the exact table header5 .

The program should also compute and output (to the console) in the 2 rows 2 columns table format, the CLASS STATISTICS for the entire class: the number of students6 (row Number) and the average numeric grade7 (row Average) among all students. All text/character columns should have the same width, be aligned to the left and all floating-point values align to the right and formatted with 2 decimals. You can test your program on the attached Grades.txt (do not edit the file) and you can check your output by comparing it to the sample output shown here, but your program should work on any other files that have the correct format, thus, do not hardcode the output or the number of students.

The program needs to use loops/repetition statements to read the data from the files and selection statements (Chapter 4) to compute the letter grades. You should write the program in Visual Studio 2019 using only concepts learned in classso far (Chapters 1 to 5, so, without arrays, functions, pointers, references, and any other concepts not studied in class so far). Create a Microsoft Word document called YourName-Assignment2-Screenshots.docx (replace YourName with your name, no spaces) that contains screenshots of your entire C++ code in editor (take multiple screenshots if the code is larger than one screen and is not readable in one screenshot), and the entire program console output in the Console Output Window for the attached Grades.txt (take multiple screenshots if the output is larger than one window). SUBMIT your YourName-Assignment2.cpp Visual Studio 2019 C++ source code and YourName-Assignment2- Screeshots.docx screenshots document files under Assignment2 on eCampus. Do not archive the files (no ZIP, RAR or other archived files) or submit other file formats.

1 The program should work on any file with that format with different numbers of line. Do not hardcode the number of lines, compute it instead when you read from the file.

2 You compute the Total Points as the sum between Tests and Assignments.

3 You compute the Numeric Grade as the total points (from all the evaluations) divided by 2. The value will be between 0 and 100

4 The Letter Grade is: A if the numeric grade is between 89.5 and 100, B if the numeric grade is between 79.5 and 89.49, C if the numeric grade is between 69.5 and 79.49, D if the numeric grade is between 59.5 and 69.49, and F if the numeric grade is between 0 and 59.49.

5 The table header should have the exact text, but it does not have to be on 2 separate lines/rows, you can put them on one row (.e.g. “Total Points” on one row)

6 The number of lines from the file

7 The sum of all the numeric grades divided by the number of students

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