Creative Brief: Assignment 2 instructions

Choose one creative brief from the D&AD website ( There are 17 different briefs. Write a response to the brief that will include
the following:
1. A creative brief
o Background about your client (75-100 words)
o Objective of your campaign: What you want your audience to feel, think
and/or do? (no more than two sentences)
o Target Audience: Who do you want to reach? Start with a few basics that try
to humanise your demographic with insight and lifestyle information:
– Who are they? What is their persona?
– Where are they? (physically but also online – where would you find them to
reach them?)
– What do they communicate with?
– What else do we need to know about them?
o Consumer insight (50-75 words) — Simple truth that applies to your target
audience, it reveals what they care about, what they feel in relation to your
brand, charity, public campaign and will help to explain why they might
consume or not consume? (NOTE: How to gain this insight—interviews,
emails, questionnaires, data scraped from social media sites)
o Your BIG idea (200 – 220 words): How will you leverage your insight and meet
the requirements of your brief. What drives your campaign and will make it
o Campaign location: Where will you launch your campaign and why
(remember your insight)?
2. A marketing research report (around 1600 words)
Specifically, you need to explain how you arrived at your key consumer
insight(s)/campaign idea for your brief. Key elements of the report will include:
o Executive Summary (350-400 words) – this is the summary of your market
research analysis that has helped you determine your creative insight(s) and
o Introduction (250-300) – This is different from the executive summary; it
addresses the background information about the campaign you are trying to
improve. It will also explain the problem, the new target audience you want to
reach and your objectives
o Research (650-700 words): In your research section, you need to determine
your consumer insights by talking to people in the target market you have
determined. Consider using any number of research tools: Focus group?
Interviews? Surveys? Network Analysis? Word Cloud Analysis? In this section,
you will:
1. Write the qualitative research section of the body.
2. Outline the steps you have taken and the summary of the
insights found from the questions answered.
3. Make sure to describe the participants in the research – who
are they? What are their needs? What motivates them?
4. Clearly explain how your research allowed you to arrive at your
5. You can you use tables or graphs and a complete list of your
questions should be attached in your appendix.
Conclusion (250-300): Summarize your findings and the types of data used in drawing
conclusions. Include how these methods helped determined your insight(s) that lead you to
your campaign idea.

Deadline and word count
The total word count is 2,000 words and the deadline is 28th April 2021.
Marking Criteria
The major criteria are:
o The project should conform to the requirements provided in the project brief.
It will be assessed on:
o the quality of the creative brief presented
o the quality of the research carried out to write the marketing report
o the relevance and quality of the evidence used to support the relationship between the
consumer insights and USP and the marketing report.
o its conformance to the word limit of 2000 words.
Secondary considerations are:
o The project should be written in clear and correct English
o The project should be attractively presented with correct bibliographic references for
all cited materials and appropriate appendixes attached. Note that neither the
bibliography nor appendixes form part of the 2000 word limit for this essay.

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