Critical Question Doe Reading

Three sentences that reflect critical thinking about readings for the coming week. The last sentence should be a question. The point of the assignment is to ensure that you read critically and engage with the views and ideas offered by the writers. It is not asking you to record your reactions or personal reflections.

Write three sentences:

One or two sentences to summarize or contextualize the specific part/s in the readings you are addressing. Make sure you put the reference so that we will know where to look, when we are thinking about your Critical Question or CQ. Reference means (a) the speaker and the exact time point (exact time point as much as possible) for videos; or (b) the author and page number for readings.

And then one or two sentences for your CQ.

Do not summarize the readings. Instead, outline your ideas, observations, and perspectives applied to the views and positions presented in the readings. Reading critically and engaging with the reading means (in this context) exploring, investigating, challenging, testing your responses to the reading as well as the viewpoints/ideas posited by the writer.

The following questions may be useful as entry points to the assignment:

Which ideas did you find most convincing? Or most problematic? Why?

What kinds of counter-arguments to these perspectives can you offer?

What questions/ideas related to the session topic are missing from the readings?

What and whose histories, meanings, contexts, powers, possibilities (Finn’s social justice framework) are (not) reflected in the readings?

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