CSCI 303.1W – Technical Communication for Computer Professionals Assignment #3

In this assignment you are going to write the related work section for your project (recent job trends

in Computer Science). The related work section is a literature survey of what has been done by other

researches on this topic. The section should be written as a narrative, and you need to reference and

discuss at least 8 references. Please refer to lecture 7 to see how you can do that.

Things to include:

– The references chosen should be recent and relevant to your topic.

– The section should be well organized. Start with the general layout of what you are going to

discuss, then go into the details.

– References should be managed using one of the following reference management systems:

Zotero, Microsoft Reference Manager, or Mendeley.

– Citations should be done through the reference management system and not manually.

– Citation should follow the IEEE format.

– There is no required template or formatting style for the document.


What to hand in

Submit your assignment electronically through D2L. Please make sure that the file that you submit is a MS Word document.

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