Design Research Methods and Critical Practice PU001735 Assignment

Assignment Title: Problem Definition Report  

You will write a report explaining the key issues in relation to a particular research interest you have.
The report should clearly define the core problem you have identified. You should explain the particular context and parameters, trace and explain the roots of the problem, why it is important, and who the stakeholders are and end with a clear succinct problem statement and research question. Develop an appropriate methodology for your enquiry and justify your chosen research methods.(3000-3500 words – word count does not include tables, diagrams, bibliography or appendices)

Your submission should combine text, relevant imagery including any charts, tables, graphs and
diagrams that help you communicate problem definition and your proposed research methodology.
The Design School is committed to ecologically and socially responsible design. You can refer to the
Responsible Design Framework and talk to your tutor about how your research and practice for this
assignment can follow sustainable processes and have positive impact.

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Any assignment related material can be accessed on Moodle and will be followed up in session briefings.

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