Digital Marketing Strategy Individual assignment – Client Strategy Document (60%)

Students are required to write a report detailing your recommended digital marketing strategy
for the case study client. Your recommendations should be underpinned by reference to relevant
theory from academic journals (e.g., the readings that appear in the ‘Lecture Syllabus’ section of
the Module Outline) and textbooks. You should include at least 15 references; these should
include academic journal articles as well as other sources.
The report is limited to 2000 words and is seen as a ‘pitch’ to the client (to be announced by the
module lecturers) for investing in digital marketing, explaining how you understand the client’s
business, who their audience is, and how to connect with their audience. The 2,000-word limit
does not include references and appendices.
The report should contain the following sections:
• Background (20%)
Describe the business and the constraints on the marketing strategy (e.g., budget, audience, and
• Social media strategy (20%)
Explain which social media platforms you recommend for the client. What are the objectives and
how will they be achieved?
• Search Engine Strategy (20%)
What is your recommended strategy with regard to search engine optimisation (SEO) for the
• Content development (20%)
Discuss ideas for creative content for the client’s website and explain how you propose to address
the ongoing need for content to populate the website and other digital platforms and nurture
and sustain traffic flows.
• Objectives, Analytics and Metrics (20%)
Explain the objectives of your recommended digital strategy for the client. Discuss what metrics
you will use in order to measure the effectiveness of the digital strategy in terms of achieving the
set objectives.
• References: Use Harvard Style referencing.

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