EAST5037M Transnational East Asian Cinemas Assessed Essay

Write an essay on ONE of the following topics (max. 5000 words).
1. How has Japanese (OR Chinese OR Korean) cinema been approached in the West? Discuss the cultural assumptions and theoretical frameworks underlying commercial, journalistic and/or critical and academic discourses on East Asian cinema and its auteurs, focusing on a particular director.

2. Discuss the role of the transnational in its various aspects (for example, settings, narratives, visual style, genre, stars, financing, distribution, marketing, exhibition and so on) in the context of the globalization of East Asian cinema, using a concrete film (or films) as a case study.

3. Consider Tartan Video Asia Extreme and J-horror/K-horror as international film brands, grounding your discussion in the critical, commercial and fan-based texts around a particular film or films.

4. What do remakes and homages to Japanese (OR Chinese OR Korean) films or, on the other hand, East Asian film adaptations of Western literary texts and genres tell us about cultural difference and the way mainstream film genres (or arthouse auteur films) operate?

5. Consider the tension between ‘Japaneseness’ (OR ‘Chineseness’ OR ‘Koreanness’) and transnationality in the critical discourse on one of the films on this module. Using the film as a case study, discuss a) to what extent the film belongs, aesthetically and industrially, to Japanese (OR Chinese OR Korean) cinema and draws on other traditional cultural forms and b) how the film relates to international film culture.

6. Formulate your own essay topic – including a transnational aspect – in consultation
with the module convenors. Please refer to the assessment criteria on Minerva.

Please use a minimum of 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font.
Quotations and references to the texts should be accompanied by citations and
bibliography in either the Leeds Harvard referencing style or the MHRA

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