ECN358 Economic Analysis of Inequality and Poverty: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT

Write an essay on the economic analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on
poverty and/or inequality
Word length: 700 words excluding references
This topic is very broad and you are encouraged to narrow it down and to write about a
specific aspect you like.
You may be interested in how the pandemic affected the poverty rate in developed
countries, or developing countries, or a specific country.
You may be interested in the differential impact of the pandemic across society.
You may be interested in how it affected the inequality in school outcomes, etc.
The essay should be no more than 700 words (excluding the reference list). The essay
would normally contain an introduction, which can introduce the topic in general but which
can, for example, also be an anecdote or news fact that motivates your work. The middle
part should demonstrate an (economic) reasoning, explaining how you (and the authors
you are citing) came to a conclusion. And then finally the conclusion wraps up and can
often be very short.
Your essay should also contain a reference list which does not count towards the word
limit. As a general rule, your referencing style should be consistent, and we recommend
the Harvard referencing style, about which you can find more information at
In your essay, you can draw on material discussed in class and use jargon that we
introduced in lectures (videos). There is not really a limit on the number of references, but
you should show that you have read at least one or two scientific papers in more detail.
Also, don’t list works that you do not integrate into the essay

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