ECN358 The Economic Analysis of Inequality and Poverty Assessment

There are FOUR QUESTIONS. Answer ALL FOUR questions, and keep in mind the word limit of 400 words for each question. Each question has the same weighting.

Coursework must be submitted online through Blackboard using Turnitin and
by no later than 12.00 noon on the deadline.
Any unauthorised late submissions after 12.00 on the day of the deadline will
incur a penalty of 5%. An additional 5% penalty will be added after 24 hours
from 12.00 on the day of the deadline and then at 24 hour intervals, up to 5
working days late. After that, a mark of zero will be awarded. In case you want
to include an equation and you are not confident typing it into your Word
processor, you can attach a photo to the assignment. The same goes for
graphs. Please append such photos and do not include them in the body of
your text, and refer to them in the body of your text with [Equation X about
here], [graph X about here]. As some of you may want to refer to a particular
source in more than one question, the reference list should be included at the
end of the coursework rather than having a reference list at the end of each

Question 1
We looked at several conceptual approaches towards poverty. Provide two different
examples of conceptual approaches to poverty, and reflect on how poverty rates, or
the trend in poverty rates, compare according to these two definitions in a
country/region of your choice. [400 words excluding references]

Question 2
A government is concerned about gender inequality in its country and is hiring
consultants to collect ideas for policies that can improve the position of women. You
are one of those consultants. Write a briefing note to the government in which you
offer two options. Ministers don’t have much time, so you need to be succinct but
also convincing. [400 words excluding references]

Question 3
A politician asserts that “to reduce poverty in our country, we must tackle inequality”.
How would you respond to this statement? Provide evidence in support of your
[400 words excluding references]


Question 4
The government of a less developed country wants to trial a cash transfer
programme but is not sure whether to make these transfers conditional. What advice
would you give to the government? Provide evidence in support of your answer.
[400 words excluding references]


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