Essay topic: Patient consideration and choice of treatment by comparing Chinese Medicine and Biomedicine [in two cases of you/your friend(s)/your relative(s)]

The essay should be include:
1. Comparing Chinese Medicine and Biomedicine. What are the differences and compare?(Support with literature)
– What are the characteristics of TCM (Chinese Medicine) and Biomedicine?  —What are the theories behind those? For example, (Chinese medicine included the concept of Yin and Yang, and Five elements)

2. Discuss the common patient consideration and choice of treatment.
– What are their concerns about the choice of treatment? (Focus on Hong Kong context/ or if no data can find about HK context, Focus on Asia)  
– Can include Data or index which shown people prefer choosing Chinese Medicine or Biomedicine if needs. 
– The both reasons for choosing Chinese Medicine and Biomedicine. May discuss the Pros and Cons of both TCM and Biomedicine that people believe in. ( Is it really reflect the fact? or people have the wrong concept?)

3. 2 Cases of you/your friend(s)/your relative(s) that discuss their consideration and choice of treatment.
– Basic includes their illness and symptoms, their age, background regarding their health conditions. 
– What are their concerns? 
– Which kind of treatment they choose and be specific (For example; First she choose Biomedicine for her insomnia and finally appeared drug reliant after started the treatment one year. Then she chooses TCM (Chinese medicine), and have Acupuncture for her insomnia) 
– Can include the short-term and long-term results/outcomes of the chosen treatment. 

4. Discuss the two cases with Part 1 & 2. Is it match the review/ data shown in the literature and researches? 

5. Give some personal ideas according to the above sessions.

APA reference

Powerpoint and references may be suitable for the essay

****The Biomedicine part, Data, and index of patient concerns and choice of treatment need to find references by yourself…. NOT INCLUDE IN THESE ATTACHMENT!

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