Financial Report

1.  Bibliography with a minimum of six journal and/or textbook references.  These must be real refereed journals, which you can find in online sources but cannot be online only web sites.  In addition to the six minimum, you can use one or two, maximum of two, web sources such as Wikipedia if it helps with a definition; however, the majority of your paper must be based on real journal and/or textbook references

2.  The format for the final paper must be professional.  Points will be subtracted for poor grammar, spelling, and other errors.  Use Microsoft Word for the paper. Please use a font size of 12, along with an easy to read font. Use double spacing and have a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, left and right.  Put your name and IEE 512 in the header of each page. Use proper bibliography formatting based on a technical journal or engineering textbook.  Do not copy or even include the web link; you must include the required information for a bibliography.

You can quote your references a few times in the paper; however, the majority of the paper must be your own words.

Be certain to properly cite your references, including any figures you include.  The space required for figures in the paper do not count towards the page count. The body of the paper, not including title page, abstract, table of contents, and bibliography, should be approximately 10 to 12 pages in length.  The paper should include the following:

1.  Title page with the title of your paper, IEE 512, date, your name, and contact information.

2.  Abstract

3.  Table of contents

4.  Body of the paper

5.  Conclusion

6.  Bibliography

Points will be subtracted for poor grammar, spelling, and other errors.  Do not write the paper in first person (I, we, you, etc.)  The formatting requirements are the same as above. This paper will automatically be checked for copying and plagiarism, so be careful

PS: The attached word document contains:

-The chosen topic that you must use

– A brief abstract that needs to me modified

– An outline to guide you

– A bibliography that has all the articles and journals that you need to use and refer to for the report

I attached one the pdf file of one of the articles

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