Global Strategic Management (6MNST001W) ASSESSMENT 2 PORTFOLIO BRIEFING

Assessment summary:
Assessment 2 is a portfolio of three multiple-choice and multiple-answer tests that are designed to assess knowledge of different subjects.

Portfolio test 1 will be based on the knowledge of the simulation guide. This test is designed to encourage students to improve their understanding of the simulation game.

Portfolio test 2 is designed to test theoretical knowledge of the topics ‘strategic leadership and business ethics / CSR’.
Portfolio test 3 is designed to test theoretical knowledge of the topics ‘external and internal environment analysis’. Theoretical knowledge of the tests 2 and 3 will help to prepare students for the assessment 3.

Assessment weighting: 50% of the total module mark (average of 3 tests).
Assessment deadlines:
Portfolio test 1: week 4, the test must be submitted within 24 hours from Tuesday 9
February, 1pm until Wednesday 10 February 2021, 1pm the latest.
Portfolio test 2: week 6, the test must be submitted within 24 hours from Tuesday 23
February, 1pm until Wednesday 24 February 2021, 1pm the latest.
Portfolio test 3: week 8, the test must be submitted within 24 hours from Tuesday 9
March, 1pm until Wednesday 10 March 2021, 1pm the latest.
Submission method and instructions:
The tests will be available on Blackboard. All portfolio tests will be timed to 30
minutes, and will submitted automatically 30 minutes after the start of the test.
All tests will be available for submission within 24 hours. Students can start the test at
any time before the deadline. All tests must be submitted before the deadline. No late
submissions are allowed.
Date and form of feedback:
There is no specific date for the feedback as these assessments are treated like
exams. The mark will be available to see online immediately after the test is submitted.
Individual feedback on the tests will be available upon request from the seminar
Learning outcomes:
On a successful completion of portfolio tests you should be able to:
1. Critically evaluate the internal environment of companies through modern tools
and dynamic concepts.
2. Critically evaluate alternative policies and strategies a company may adopt to
meet stakeholder needs and mitigate risk within changing external environments.
3. Demonstrate a broader holistic perspective on the competitive strategic position
of organisations.

Marking criteria:
The pass mark for the portfolio is 40% (the average of all three tests together). The
qualifying mark is 30%.
The assessment 2 portfolio tests will be in the form of multiple-choice and multipleanswer questions. Each question will weigh an equal number of points. There is no
negative marking. The assessment 2 portfolio mark will be an average of the three
portfolio test marks.
Portfolio test 1 has 25 multiple-choice questions. All questions will have only one
correct answer. Every question will weigh 4%.
Portfolio tests 2 and 3 have 20 questions each. The number of questions is smaller
than in portfolio test 1 because some questions have more than one correct answer,
and therefore will require a longer time to think about them. Every question will weigh

How to approach the assessment task:
The lectures and seminars will help students to prepare for each test, and more details
will be uploaded to Blackboard. Sample questions and answers will be available on
Blackboard and will be discussed during the lectures.
Technical difficulties with submission:
If for whatever reason you cannot submit the test because of technical issues please
email the module leaders, Evgeniya Macleod and Gustavo Espinoza Ramos, before
the deadline. For your records take a screen shot or record a short video that will help
the module leaders or the IT Help Service Desk to identify a problem. If the module
leaders are unable to help you with the technical problem before the deadline then you
will need to apply for MC.
Plan in advance and make sure that you have access to Blackboard and good Internet
connection. Do no use a mobile phone, as some students experienced problems with
the Blackboard mobile app in the past. Use a laptop or a computer and access
Blackboard via Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla.

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