Green Supply Chain organisation assignment

Assessment Details

There are two team-based elements of assessment for this module:

Quantitative Data Base Analysis1

Your team has been hired by the Green Supply Chain organisation ( to re-analyse data that had been collected as part of an ESRC-funded project in 2014. Your brief is to focus the analysis on whether there is a relationship between an organisation’s performance (eg profitability, market share) and its environmental performance. Analyse the database using basic descriptive statistics – e.g., frequencies, cross-tabulations and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients. Produce a summary of your analysis and make recommendations to the Green Supply Chain organisation on how they can enhance any organisational-environmental performance found. If no statistically significant results are found, provide recommendations on how to make this important relationship significant.

The quantitative data is in an Excel spreadsheet. The survey has been uploaded with the data file. The variables that you will analyse are on pages 6-9 on the survey. You can conduct your analysis in Excel or SPSS.

The reports should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction (100 words) [10%]
2. Summary of analysis (600 words) [60%]
3. Recommendations and Limitations of the relevant methodology (ie qualitative or quantitative) (300 words) [20%]
4. References (4-5 academic references) [5%]
5. Peer evaluation [5%]

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