HRL305 Human Resource Management Assignment one: Individual essay

The first assignment for this module is an individual essay with the title:
Critically evaluate the view that ‘transactional’ human resource management (HRM) activities should be devolved to line managers
Essay length: 2,000 words (plus or minus 10%) excluding the title and your reference list
Deadline: 12 noon on Thursday 12 November.

Key requirements:
Your essay must:
• Be based on peer reviewed academic sources and reputable practitioner materials
(for instance the factsheets and other materials published by the Chartered Institute
of Personnel and Development (CIPD)). All the material in the electronic reading list
is appropriate for this level of study.
• Have a clear and logical structure, including an introduction which outlines the content
of the essay and a conclusion which summarises the key points made. See below for
more guidance on essay structure.
• Be a Word document
• Be submitted anonymously so it can be marked anonymously. That is, it must not
have your name or student number on it.
• Be fully and consistently referenced, using Harvard conventions
• Be 2,000 words long plus or minus 10%: therefore the absolute minimum is 1,800
words and the essay should not exceed 2,200 words. The word count includes all intext references but does not include the title or your reference list.

Reading for the essay
All the resources listed here are available through the electronic reading list, and there is
more useful material in the section ‘Current issues in HRM’

Essential reading
Bratton, J. and Gold, J. (2017) Human resource management: theory and practice
Fisher, V., Kinsey, S. and Saundry, R. (2017) The myth of devolution? The role of HR practitioners in the management of workplace conflict
Marchington, M. (2015) ‘Human resource management: too busy looking up to see where it is going longer term?’ Human Resource Management Review 25(2): 176-187.

Recommended reading
o Dundon, T. and Rafferty, A. ‘The (potential) demise of HRM? Human Resource
Management Journal 28(3): 377-391
o Saundry, R., Fisher, V. and Kinsey, S. (2019) Managing workplace conflict: the
changing role of HR
o Stone, Dianna L. and Deadrick, D.L. ‘Challenges and opportunities affecting the
future of human resource management’ Human Resource Management Review,
25(2): 139-145.

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