HRL305 Human Resource Management Assignment two briefing

In this lecture we will:
o Introduce assignment two
o Explore the requirements for the assignment
o Discuss how to approach the assignment
o Examine the assessment criteria
o Deal with any questions or concerns about the assignment

Assignment two:
HR consultancy report

Your task
You have been commissioned by the owner of a growing local business to advise on their human resource management practices. Your task is to:
1. Examine the management of human resources in Green House Ltd., and indicate areas for improvement
2. Identify the three most important areas for improvement and make appropriate recommendations
The company has supplied a range of information: you will receive this at the end of this lecture

So …
oAt the end of this lecture I will release documents
oYou will complete a 2,000 word (+/- 10%) report
• Word document
• Anonymous submission
• Submission point on DLE
oDeadline 12 noon, Thursday 14 January 2021
oMarks and feedback 11 February (latest)
Referencing (Harvard)
Reference any direct quotes in your report
Reference list should contain all sources
You do not have to give any other in-text
references, but you will not be penalised if you
do give them
And …
o Individual task
o Worth 50% of marks for the module
o General guidance in Module Guide
o Specific guidance in briefing document

Completing the assignment
1. Read and get to know the documents
2. Identify strengths and weaknesses in company’s HRM
3. Decide where improvements could be made, and how
4. Identify the three most important areas for improvement
5. Draft recommendations
6. Write your report

All the topics we’ve explored
o HR (generally)
o Employment rights
o The contract of employment
o Voice and representation
o ‘Good’ jobs and ‘good work’
o Performance and productivity
o Pay and reward
o Equality and diversity (including recruitment and selection)
And still to come …
Equality and diversity in practice (next week’s lecture)
Managing conflict (seminars 8 and 11 December, lectures 9 and 16 December):
o Grievances
o Discipline
o Mediation
o Ending the employment relationship

Structure of your report
1. Introduction and summary of
2. Main body
3. Conclusion
4. Recommendations
5. Reference list (not part of the word count)

1. Introduction and summary of recommendations
o Introduce the report
o Highlight key points made in main body
o Short summary of recommendations
o NO abstract / executive summary / contents list

2. Main body
o Work systematically through issues
o Highlight good practice
o Identify areas for improvement, highlighting the three most important
o Suggest ways to improve
o Clear, logical structure
o Subheadings

3. Conclusions
o Summarise key points
o Highlight both good practice and areas for improvement
o Don’t add anything new

4. Recommendations
o List recommendations for three most important areas in order of priority
o Brief explanation for each recommendation
o Refer back to analysis as necessary
o Recommendations are part of the word count

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