IB315 Unit 4 Current Event Discussion

Read chapters 7 & 8

Research current events depicting intellectual property violations. Find an event or a case that can answer all of the following questions under #3.

Initial Post

    • Provide the name of your source – Only use trusted sources – Do not use Wikipedia, answers.com, Huffington posts, Washington posts, or other similar sites – if you use a website, and it displays too many adds, it is most likely not a trusted source
    • Provide an overview of the issue at hand
    • Summarize how the violation was handled
    • Share applicable financial information (for example: Company Y lost $X in sales) – If your case doesn’t have this information, find another case.
    • Analyze the legal ramifications of the situation and discuss concepts from the class that relate to the violation.
    • Support your response with at least one credible reference.
      • Note: Citations may be in text to accompany the audio submission.
    • Don’t forget to cite correctly, -2 points for incorrect citation

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