Impact Of Emerging Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Even if the slide deck had been made the day this assignment was due, something new would have come out in the meanwhile. Make a prediction about how a specific “new” technology will impact your work, personal life, or the future of the aerospace industry as a whole.

  • Identify a new technology you think will have a significant impact and describe it in general terms, citing at least one credible specific source.
  • Predict a significant impact this technology will have on your work, your personal life, or on the future of the aerospace industry as a whole.
  • Identify a potential obstacle in the adoption of this technology within the next five years (cite at least one credible specific source).

This assignment uses TurnItIn to check for originality (to ensure it is not plagiarized). As this is partially an assessment of your ability to apply MS Word skills, the document must be submitted in .docx format.

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