Individual Coursework: Literature Review and Critique

1. Introduction
Being able to find, evaluate, critique and cite reliable sources of information is a key
skill required in all areas of business communication. The aim of this assignment is
 develop student capabilities in the areas of specialist literature searching and
referencing and critical analysis for academic research;
 enhance student skills in business and management language to suit the highlevel communication requirements of research reporting and essay writing.
You are required to produce an individual written assignment to demonstrate the
skills you will develop during the Semester 1 computer lab sessions. During the lab
sessions each week there will be a worksheet to complete where you will practice all
of the skills you need for your studies at Loughborough. These skills will be needed
for all of your modules, not just this assignment. During the lab there will be time for
you to apply what you have learnt and work on your own coursework and you are
encouraged to use this time productively whilst you are in the computer lab with the
tutors available to help you.
2. Topic – ‘The Olympic Games Legacy’
Rio 2016 was a controversial Olympic Games and the long term impact on the host
nation is yet to be known. In the seven years since 2012, the site of the London
Olympic Park has been developed and is thriving as a business and social district,
including being the home of the Loughborough University London campus. Other
previous Olympic Games have been less advantageous with over-spending on the
games causing long lasting economic problems to the host nation.
3. Assignment task
Choose one of the previous Olympic Games from the last 20 years (Sydney 2000,
Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016) and choose one of the following
questions and apply it to your chosen Olympic Games:
 ‘What effect did (insert chosen Olympic Games) have on tourism to the host
 ‘What effect did (insert chosen Olympic Games) have on the regeneration of
the area where the games were held?’
 ‘What effect did the cost of (insert chosen Olympic Games) have on the
country’s economy?’
 ‘What effect did (insert chosen Olympic Games) have on the participation of
people in sport afterwards?

For your assignment you need to complete the following tasks:
 Choose which Games you wish to study and choose your question.
 Choose suitable key words to search for information that covers the topic.
 Search for reputable published information and choose 6 different sources. At
least one of these should be an academic journal article and the rest should
be a variety of sources including your choice of the following: newspaper
report, company information, Olympic committee publication, Government
document, website.
 Provide an introduction to your literature review and critique.
 Take each source in turn and review the information you have found and
critically evaluate it, using the method you were taught in lab 4, paying
particular attention to the author or source of the information and the audience
for whom it was intended.
 Finally, write a summary paragraph that answers the essay title question
incorporating all your findings from the 6 sources. Ensure that you have
considered all angles of the chosen question and come to a conclusion based
on this information.
 As part of this you must paraphrase your sources effectively such that you
use the information you have found in your own words without plagiarising.
 Reference the information you have cited in Harvard style using the format
given at

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