Information System Question

Design a BN for a new school building. Attached are three preliminary school blueprints. Each room will only have an instructor computer except for four labeled computer labs with 30 computers each. Create LANs to group the classrooms (determine how many per LAN by distance and location in the building) for all the teacher’s computers in the lecture halls/rooms. Each floor should have an MDF. The first floor should have one room being used as a server room. What devices do you use? What cabling? What topologies? What other networks would the building connect to? Put everything in a Word document (drawings, pictures, explanations, etc.).

BN design in Word
4 computer labs/floor 10 pts
MDF closet/floor 5 pts
Server room/1st 5 pts
Other networks attached/1st 5 pts
Type of cabling 5 pts
Type of topology 5 pts

Explain what you did with typed answers 15 pts

Here’s an example of a detailed floorplan:
 (Links to an external site.)They’ve got the cat6 cable lining the walls. This is an example of a floorplan with some of the details needed. Just draw some cable flows and a few devices like routers and repeaters here and there. It doesn’t have to be completely “accurate”. It’s an exercise to give you an idea of what people who do this do. Put some representative devices in the server room (servers, firewall, mainframe, routers, switches, etc.)

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