International Dimensions of Marketing: Individual Report

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
LO1. Critically evaluate the impact of cultural, demographic, ecological, economic, legal, political,
social, and technological environments on international marketing activities;
LO2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of consumer behaviour in an international context;
LO3. Demonstrate the ability to address and justify analysis of cross-cultural issues when making
international marketing decisions.
LO4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the specifics in applying marketing theories
and tools to different international marketing settings.

This assignment is an individual assignment.
This assignment requires that you prepare a 3000-word report answering all parts of the
following task:
You have been hired as a marketing consultant by the company- Willie Cacao’s
*Note: you are not under any circumstances to contact the company.
The company is currently assessing the opportunity for expanding into another overseas
market. You have been tasked to evaluate the situation and decide which is a suitable market
(country) for the company’s expansion. In order to support your decision, you are asked to
prepare a business report to include the following:

1. A brief summary of the company and the company’s products/services and brands.
2. An analysis of the macro and microenvironment in 2 countries to allow you to
determine the market which is most attractive for the company to expand its
operations. This section should justify why you chose one of the two countries chosen
in section 2.
3. A SWOT analysis based on the one country you are selecting for expansion.
4. An analysis of cultural factors and segmentation and positioning influences that the
company should be aware of.
5. A discussion about the market entry strategy that you recommend for the company to
6. A discussion justifying which elements of the marketing mix should be adapted or
standardised for the new market. This section should detail and justify how the
service/product should be promoted in the new market.
You must include a range of research in all answers; this may include relevant concepts and
theories from text books, journal articles, and market research databases such as Mintel,
Euromonitor, company or industry sources. The report should be referenced using CU APA
Referencing style.

Coursework Tasks
What to include:
1. Overview of the company and the product that will be analysed
2 Analysis of the macro and microenvironments.
3 SWOT Analysis
4 Culture and Segmentation and Positioning
5 Market entry strategy discussion
6 Marketing mix adaptation and standardisation
All Structure, presentation, coherence
Correct use of CU APA style
In-text citations
List of references
Variety of good quality sources used

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