MAN00013I Module Title: Marketing Principles and Practice Assignment

Introductory Note
The following assignment forms 40% of the marks for this module. The assessment criteria against which this assignment will be scored can be found at the end.
Please note that whilst all contextual information given on the University of York in the following assignment text is factual, the task itself – and the client – is hypothetical. It is in no way meant to represent the thinking of any individual or organisation.

The Assignment
Your task is to write a marketing strategy as discussed in class (i.e. segmentation, targeting, positioning) for Roy René entering the US confectionary market. Based on the information and case studies we have covered on the module to date, you are asked to devise a marketing strategy for Roy René in the US.

As you need to focus on the strategy, we attach the SWOT that was discussed in the seminars. You can also have access to updated market data on the attached MINTEL report. You are also allowed to use all the material that is available on the VLE.

Your strategic recommendation must include a segmentation of the US consumers as well as a targeting strategy. You should also recommend a positioning strategy for Roy René in the US. All quantitative and qualitative information must come from the case studies and/or the MINTEL report and it must be sourced. There is no need, nor expectation, that you conduct independent research.

By reading your marketing strategy, a Roy René manager should clearly know who to target and how to position the brand. However, your task is limited to the strategy and at this point, you are not expected to suggest any concrete action such as a price or a particular distribution channel.
The report is 1000 words, including tables but excluding the SWOT, figures, illustrations and references.

Supporting document (students should already have access to these):
 Roy René case study on the VLE
 US Chocolate case study
 2012 MINTEL Report on non-chocolate confectionary in the US: “Nonchocolate Confectionery – US – December 2012” (how to access Mintel
reports through the library)
 The Roy René SWOT (see below): you will need to update the opportunities
and threats to reflect the US market.


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