MAN00067M Ethical Marketing and Sustainability Assessment

Introduction and learning objectives

Please read this entire document before starting the assignment. If there is anything you do not understand then please contact the module leader. The purpose of the assignment is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the materials covered in the module and your ability to apply the theories and concepts to a highly complex and dynamic area of marketing.


Summative assessment outline
This is a 3,000 word critical essay analysing an organisation of your choice from the
following sectors:
 Food and drink
 Cosmetics
 Digital technologies
 Pharmaceuticals
 Non-profit/non-governmental organisations
 Public sector organisations.
Organisations from other sectors which are not included in this list will not be accepted. This essay is based on the research outline that you developed in your formative assignment. Using theories and concepts from both the taught element and your wider reading analyse the organisation’s current approach to ethics and sustainability marketing. Based on your analysis develop both a new sustainability marketing strategy and sustainability marketing mix for your chosen organisation.
Please note that your references, tables, diagrams and appendices do not count towards the 3000 words count. The task above is to critically examine the sustainability and ethical marketing
approaches of one organisation of your choice. Use sustainability and ethical marketing theories to analyse the organisation of your choice to produce a critical essay.

 Collect evidence from a range of sources (including academic articles, market reports, sustainability reports, respected newspapers etc.) on the sustainability and ethical marketing approach and performance of your chosen organisation.

 Analyse this evidence using the academic theories, concepts and models covered in the taught programme, from the reading list and from your wider academic reading sources.

 From this critical analysis consider the implications for the development of sustainability and ethical marketing approaches in the organisation. Make recommendations based on your analysis. Develop a new sustainability marketing strategy and sustainability marketing mix. Recommendations for changes in marketing practice and strategy should be made from a perspective of improved levels of sustainability and ethical marketing performance. These recommendations should
stem from the analysis. You may incorporate your mid-term (formative) research information where

Students CANNOT use Coca Cola, Cafedirect(英国咖啡贸易组织) or Patagonia
(巴塔哥尼亚,注重环保的户外服装品牌) as they will all be case studies used on
this module.

An answer should include the following:

 A clear argument for why ethics and sustainability are important. Definitions of key concepts such as sustainability and ethical marketing. Some reflection on the antecedents of sustainability marketing would also be useful here. Justification for choosing the organisation (why is it a relevant case for an analysis of ethics and sustainability).

 Introduction to your selected organisation (i.e. context information: the socioecological background; organisation’s social and environmental issues and challenges). Identification of key stakeholders (stakeholder mapping) to provide some background to the chosen organisation.

 Analysis of the organisation’s marketing from an ethical and sustainability perspective (e.g. how did they respond to the issues identified above; performance – from an ethical and sustainability perspective; current strategy and issues remaining). The essay should capture both the social and
environmental aspects, but the students should scope and scale their work to outline their key focus of investigation (i.e. you may choose to focus on environmental aspects or on social aspects, but you will still need to provide an overview of the socio-ecological context). The essay should also outline
the consumer context.

 Students should apply a range of theories, models and concepts to analyse the evidence gathered. These may include, but not be limited to: ethical theories; ethical consumerism frameworks; perspectives on ethical/sustainable consumer behaviour; consumer-citizen; triple bottom line;
sustainability transformation; sustainability marketing mix; corporate social responsibility; consumer vulnerability; social marketing; issue literacy; sustainable marketing strategy and values and objectives etc. The application of such theories and concepts should be illustrated throughout your work.

 Make recommendations (i.e. a new strategy) from your analysis regarding an improved approach to sustainability and ethical marketing. This part of the  answer should also utilise the theories discussed above particularly the sustainability marketing mix.

 Conclusions
 Important: The essay should be based on evidence from a range of sources (journals, think tank reports, NGO reports, sustainability reports etc.) on sustainability and ethical marketing approaches and performance in the chosen organisation. You can choose any organisation from the list above, from any global region, but you need to ensure you can find data on this organisation. It does not have to be a UK based organisation.


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