MAR326 Ports and Intermodalism – Coursework

With the aid of examples AND drawing on the research literature, critically examine the
roles of port related logistics companies (excluding terminal operators) in port
Word limit: 1600 words (+/- 10%) excluding tables, appendices and references
This assessment accounts for 40% of the total marks available for the module.
Information about this assessment
 For your examples, choose ONE port and ONE or TWO logistics businesses that
operate within the port. They could include an ocean carrier, a freight forwarding
company, any type of value added service company, a trucking company, a rail
freight company, etc.
 You need to examine the general theory/literature about port competition (e.g. what
makes a port competitive?)
 You need to examine the ways in which your chosen businesses contribute to (or
damage) the competitiveness of the chosen port (i.e. how the theory/literature you
have examined is applied/related to the practice).
 Using your work as evidence, draw conclusions about the role of port related
companies in port competiveness.
 Provide a reference for all the ideas, facts, tables and illustrations in your work, using
the Harvard system
 Write in comprehensible academic English with grammar and spelling checked by
your word processing programme and corrected so far as possible
 Paraphrase your sources so that you write with your own structure and in your own
words, or use quotation marks and full references for all quotations

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