Marketing Week 3 Assignment

This week, you will finalize your marketing plan for your company. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback from Week 3 into this final submission.

For the Week  5 FINAL PROJECT – MARKETING PLAN, complete the following tasks:

  • Summarize the marketing for the company you have been working on the past 5 weeks.
  • Propose your new/modifications to the product strategy.
  • Discuss how you will differentiate yourself against the competition and explained how the firm may expand upon its product line in the future.
  • Present your distribution strategy for the product/ service. What retail outlets will sell your new product? How will you manage your supply chain?
  • Explain your pricing and promotional strategy. How will it focus on your target market?
  • How will you use Integrated Marketing Communications? Discuss how you will provide clarity and consistency across multiple mediums to maximize the communicative impact?

Submission Details:

  • Submit a 6-9 -page paper written in APA format.
  • Name your document (Instructors Choice)

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